Great Mission International

You are welcome to be on this journey with us where we work on Charity, Education and Health.

Great Mission International (GMI) is a Non Governmental Organization. We are registered with the General Registrar Department and the Department of Social Welfare. 

Our VIsion:
We exist to seek, locate, rehabilitate a broken soul. And establish the fixed soul for all good work toward a secured future.

Our Mission:
We are on mission to rescue poor and destitute children, youth and traumatized persons and orphans in our society  with love. 

What we do:
We do so many different things to achieve our goal on Love, Education and Health. GMI has established homes to care for abandoned children, orphans, people with depression in our society. We have established schools to give education to the under-privileged living in rural areas. We have also been distributing treated mostiquo nets in villages, holding medical outreaches in different places and supporting people with health issues. We provide communities where there is no potable water with clean water. We also hold talks, conferences and outreaches on peace among children and the youth. 

GMI Rehabilitation and Children Homes:
This is our children’s home in Accra. We have children from almost all the Regions of Ghana referred by the Department of Social Welfare, the police and other Agencies living here for care and protection. 
While they live here, we work with them psychologically, physically and spiritually aiming at healing them from whatever trauma they were living in. It is not an easy journey but worth it.  It is so good to have a child who was abused, show that child a true love without being judgemental towards him or her, help the child understand and have another perspective of life and within few days this child will regain what he / she has lost psychologically, emotionally over the time. 
 All our current children are in school. We visit other places and make friends with other people as well. We witness true healing in lives every day. 

GMI Boys’ Home:
We have boys who once they turn 16 years of age are transferred to the boys’ home which is also a transition area in their lives. We have this home where these boys are trained to become more of themselves. We have a house parents, husband and wife who live with them and teach them more about life and beyond. 
They become more responsible and accountable while living at the home. In brief, we make them men there. You have to be in School, learning a work or working to be there. 
 From there, we will help them establish themselves in the society, make their families and be fruitful to the nation as good citizens. 

Real Future Academy :
Hodzo-Wodome is a small village in the Volta Region of Ghana. Our founder discovered this village in the year 2002 when he used to visit and fellowship with the people there. Seeing that there was no school and the children were left at their mercies whenever their parents are gone to farm in the bush to return only in the evenings. He thought it was not good and harmful to the upbringing of the children, he was praying for an opportunity to establish a School there so these children could be engaged and have access to education. 
In 2014, this dream became a reality after he traveled to the United States of America where he was introduced to Bill through his friend Righ. Real Future Academy was built and many kids are attending School now. We provide all the kids at the School with all supplies, backpacks, books, crayons, erasers, rulers not forgetting Uniforms. 
 We also provide them with lunch so they get strength to learn. It is our dream to grow Real Future Academy as we get more ressources. 

Orphelinat GMI-Togo :
We are also working in one of our neighboring Countries, Togo.  
A small country of 56000 km2, Togo has a lot of abandoned children, Orphans due to sicknesses, poverty and political related issues. 
We have established a home at Kpalime, one of the cities in Togo. We currently have more than thirty children living in home and more children placed with family members as we support them. We are glad to see these children growing and doing well. 

Chance for Girls and All:
We have set up a Vocation Center where young girls and boys are trained in dress making, door mates and many other things. They are taught good social life and many other things. They also learn English and French languages. 

BeLoved, Sophie’s Home:
This is a new shelter at Mafi in the Volta Region of Ghana. One of our Volunteers who lived with us many times helping with the children supported this whole project. We currently have children living in the home. We put them in School and caring for them in all aspect. They arw glad to having a home and people who love them so much. Sophie works with them and they love playing with her. 

Wisdom for Every Corner :
There is a saying that “Lack of knowledge kills!” 
We have seen and witnessed the trend of premature deaths, drugs abuse, sexual vices, broken homes, conflicts, political unrest, fights, disputes, social vice and other fast growing troubles in cities, villages and other places. To help solve this, we organize conferences, seminars, outreaches where we speak about different topics related to peace, love and wellness. Over the years, we have impacted many. We have seen families coming together after our programs. We have seen husbands returning back homes to care for their children. We have seen people lifting their hands to accept Christ and walking in His path. We have witnessed real change in people life. Young people have decided to go back to School and those who did are doing well. A lot of good things we cannot list all here but Wisdom for Every Corner is doing so much… 

John’s Birthday Impact:
Every year, instead of celebrating his birthday greatly like any other person, our founder decided to raise funds and support towards any good cause. Support raised, he will donate it for the cause on 22nd April as birthday celebration. Over the years, we have raised funds for surgery of Juliana, Kennedy and many others. This year’s John’s Birthday Impact was used to purchase sewing machines and establish Chance for Girls and All, a Vocation Center in Kloto, Kpalime.