Ma Paulina Children Foundation

Welcome to Ma Paulina Children Foundation. Join us to provide charitable and orphanage services to the needy.

Our VIsion And Mission: We exist to seek, locate, rehabilitate a broken soul. And establish the fixed soul for all good work toward a secured future. We are on a mission to rescue poor, abandoned and destitute children, youth and traumatized persons and orphans in our society with love. .

What We Do: Ma Paulina Children Foundation has established homes to care for abandoned children and orphans. We also hold talks, conferences and outreaches on peace among children and the youth. 

Ma Paulina Children Foundation and Children Homes: We cater for children aged 2 to 18 years from all facet of Ghana.  While they live here, we work with them psychologically, physically and spiritually aiming at healing them from whatever trauma they were living in. It is not an easy journey but worth it.   

Future Education Centre : We are working to open a nursery and school to help educate the children and teens in our orphanage and beyond.  We currently have a considerable amount of children living in our home and we support them impartially. We are glad to see these children growing and doing well academically. 

Our Humble Beginnings And The Future: We started our orphanage in 2009, it was registered in London as End time Ambassador international. We then decided to bring the organisation to Ghana as we realised that our strengths was more needed in Ghana. We started a school, our nursery was k G1.2., classes 1, 2 and 3 which was a great help to the children in the community and the children in our care. We intend to reopen the school in the future.

Working Hard To Help The Youth : We care for the need of our children on compassionate grounds. We also look and treat them as fellow human beings and on equal terms. We accommodate, educate, and feed them without any hidden agenda. This also translate to greater opportunities in life. We have a lot of challenges. Lack of financial support is one of our biggest challenges. We will need all the financial and material support support we can get. We are able to sponsor their educational needs only due to financial constraints. We look forward to working with partners and donors from around the world