Message From The Executive Director

Dear family,
As the International Director of Afrikaba International Foundation I would like to personally welcome you onboard and thank you for joining this great organization. At Afrikaba we pride ourselves with the idea and notion that we are your international family. This is a wonderful time for African people on the continent and in the diaspora. We have a great tradition of family structure to preserve and we will clear all the doubts and confusion about coming to Ghana.

We strongly take our mission seriously and we are committed to bringing our family back together as one unit. We see the opportunities for us to work for a common cause of developing African people all over the world. We are committed to assisting those in the diaspora to return to Africa and be a contributor in the development of this great continent. We see Ghana as a suitable destination to visit your family. While visiting abroad, you will familiarize yourself with the cultures and traditions of the motherland. The mission of Afrikaba is to be the bridge that will allow our brothers and sisters in the diaspora to cross over and preview the endless possibilities before them and form an everlasting bond.

As you decide on how your journey will begin; we intend to be there with you every step of the way as you make decisions on timeframe, as you plan your first trip, as you enjoy the bountiful cultural experience, as you adjust to your new station in life. Afrikaba is your network of people that will assist you along this entire journey.

We are your family and we will be your support whether your trip is temporary or permanent. We ask that you are patient with us as we grow the organization. We ask that you take part and claim a position, a project, a campaign, any activity that will bring value to the efforts so we can collectively benefit together.

We know that there are many questions that need answers. I want us to research together and reach out to whoever can direct us to the correct answers. Let’s not be judgmental toward each other. We are all new in the work we are now doing. Let us be open minded to learn and teach each other. If we have skills that can assist someone in the group, please let’s promote these skills and help our family members at the same time.

Our international family is growing and organizing itself so that those in the diaspora and those on the continent can connect and work together. We are here to assist one another and grow our interest. Our intention to help you transition is our priority. We can learn together and bridge the gap that keeps us divided. You are an asset to Africa, you are an asset to Ghana, and you are an asset to Afrikaba. Again, I warmly appreciate your addition to the family.
Thank you for joining and welcome home.

Nana Opoku-Amankwah (Executive Director)