Message From Treasurer

Dear family:
As your treasurer I would like to welcome you to Afrikaba International. Please allow me to outline our process as it relates to funding our efforts. As you know Afrikaba is a paid membership organization.

The requirements are $50 upon registering and joining. Once you have paid the registration fee you will continue to pay $25 monthly dues.

These fees are the foundation of the organization funding. We cannot stress how important this funding is to help us grow and do the work that we need to do in the coming years. We have a vision to make Afrikaba the expert on connecting the continent and the diaspora.

We depend on these fees to develop as an organization, to organize efforts to make our present known, and to invest and grow opportunities for our members and the organization. Thank you for coming on board and thank you for making us your family.

As we embark on this unique mission. Let’s not miss this opportune moment in our history to make things happen. It is time for African people on the continent and in the diaspora to work together, shear in resource, production, and growth. It is time we set a course that we are responsible for our destination.

We have many great tradition and family stans out as a hallmark. Let us be certain that all our efforts, finance, and contributions will help to strengthen and develop Ghana and Africa.

Benefits of your Dues

1. Membership to an International Network
2. Assisting you in home ownership and a move to Ghana
3. Opportunity to develop an organized and safe trip to Ghana
4. Opportunity to get assistance on the ground in transitioning to a new life
5. Assistance in developing plans for business and investment
6. Opportunity to develop partnership for any endeavor in Ghana
7. Assistance in connecting to government agencies to congeal processes